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Reiseziele Belgien
Reiseziele Belgien
Reiseziele Belgien
Reiseziele Belgien
Reiseziele Belgien
Reiseziele Belgien

Ostend, often referred to as the “Queen of Seaside Resorts”, is a charming destination on the Belgian North Sea coast. The city is known for its picturesque beach and its lively beach promenade, which is perfect for strolling. With a population of just over 71,000, Oostende offers a mix of cultural activities and seaside relaxation.

Sightseeing attractions: The Raversyde Atlantic Wall is a historical highlight that offers a glimpse into the military past. It includes over 60 bunkers, observation posts and gun emplacements. For art lovers, there is a colorful street art festival and numerous museums and galleries that reflect the city's rich cultural scene.

Activities: In addition to the beach, Oostende offers a variety of activities, including water sports and exciting horse racing. There are also various fun and games options, such as an e-scavenger hunt through the city or a Sherlock Holmes mystery game, which are a fun way to explore Ostend.

Getting there: The Ostend-Bruges international airport is nearby, but there are no direct flights to this airport from Germany. Instead, arriving via Brussels Airport followed by a train journey is a good alternative.

Local transport: Most attractions in Ostend can be reached on foot or by bike. For more distant destinations, it is advisable to use public transport, such as the Kusttram, which runs along the entire Belgian coast.

Ostend is more than just a beach holiday destination; it is a place that combines history, culture and relaxation in a unique way.

A few pictures from Ostend:

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Sights in Ostend

Oostende, is a beautiful city on the Belgian coast with an impressive old town, rich history and breathtaking surroundings.

Top attractions include:

Ostend Old Town: The Old Town of Ostend is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts its medieval city walls, narrow streets and historic buildings such as the St. Peter and Paul Church, the Mercator Statue and the Belfry.

St. Peter and Paul Church: St. Peter and Paul Church is a 14th-century Gothic church and one of Ostend's landmarks. The church houses a number of works of art, including a painting by Peter Paul Rubens.

Mercator Statue: The Mercator Statue is a bronze statue of the famous cartographer Gerardus Mercator. The statue stands on Wapenplein, the central square of the old town.

Belfry: The Belfry of Ostend is an 18th-century bell tower. The tower offers breathtaking views of the city and the coast.

Fort Napoleon: Fort Napoleon is a 19th-century fortress located on an island off the coast of Ostend. The fort can be visited today and offers an interesting insight into the history of the city. Leopoldpark: Leopoldpark is a large park in the center of Ostend. The park is an ideal place for walking, jogging or cycling.

Ostend Beach: Oostende Beach is 7km long and is one of the most popular beaches in Belgium. Here you can swim, sunbathe, do water sports or just enjoy the view.

Mu.ZEE: Mu.ZEE is a museum for modern and contemporary art. The museum houses a collection of works by Belgian and international artists.

Verstegen Art Gallery: The Verstegen Art Gallery is a private gallery showing works by Belgian and international artists.

Things to do in Ostend: Hiking and cycling: There are numerous hiking and cycling trails in the Ostend area. The paths lead through forests, fields and along the coast. Water sports: In Ostend you can practice numerous water sports, such as sailing, surfing, kite surfing and diving. Boat trips: Various boat trips to the surrounding islands and national parks are available from Ostend. Shopping: There are a number of shops, boutiques and shopping centers in Ostend. You can find everything here, from clothing and souvenirs to food and electronics. Food and drink: Oostende has a wide range of restaurants and cafes. You can taste traditional Flemish cuisine as well as international dishes here. Nightlife: There are a number of bars and clubs in Ostend. You can dance and party the night away here.

Recommendations: Plan your trip in advance: Ostend is a popular travel destination, so it is recommended to book your accommodation and activities in advance, especially in high season.


Conclusion: Ostend

Oostende impressed me with its stunning coastal location, lively atmosphere and diverse range of activities and sights.

The city offers: Unique atmosphere: The old town with its narrow streets, historic buildings and cozy cafés invites you to linger. The wide sandy beach and long promenade offer plenty of space to relax and take a walk. Diverse sights: From the imposing St. Peter and Paul Church to Fort Napoleon to the Mu.ZEE for modern and contemporary art, Oostende offers something for every taste. Varied activities: Whether water sports on the beach, hiking and cycling in the area or shopping in the boutiques in the city center - there is no chance of being bored in Ostend. Culinary highlights: Flemish cuisine with its hearty dishes and delicious beers is a delight for every palate. Friendly people: The people of Ostend are friendly and helpful, adding to the pleasant atmosphere of the city.

I particularly liked:

A walk through the old town with its historic buildings and narrow streets.

Sunbathe on the beach and cool off in the sea.

A visit to Fort Napoleon with its breathtaking views of the coast.

A boat trip to the surrounding islands.

The delicious Flemish food in one of the restaurants on the beach.

Ostend is:

A perfect destination for anyone looking for a beach holiday with culture, history and good food.

An attractive city for families as there are many child-friendly activities here.

An ideal place to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries.

Here are some final thoughts:

Prices in Ostend are moderate compared to other Western European cities.

Dutch is spoken in Ostend. However, basic knowledge of English and French is widespread in tourist areas.

The best time to travel to Ostend is from May to October.

I hope my conclusion has given you an insight into the beautiful city of Ostend and its diverse offerings.

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